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Everywhere we live, work and play, we’re now learning to watch what we touch. And while some industries — healthcare, pharmaceutical labs, and food preparation — have always emphasized preventative hand hygiene, many others are just beginning to grasp its importance.

Daily life requires a hand sanitizer that works everywhere

About Botanif

Botanif was formed to meet pressing health needs for both consumers and corporate environments. With roots deep in biosciences, pharmaceuticals and agriculture, Botanif is committed to product purity. So we test relentlessly, evaluate data and results impartially, and use the information as part of our continuous drive to craft the purest sanitizer solutions.

About GaXtracts

GaXtracts is a bioscience enterprise that brings together agricultural, pharmaceutical and biochemical products and services under one roof.

Quality control drives everything we do – it’s not an afterthought, or a box to check. From consumer products to consultative services, all GaXtracts offerings are grounded in science and engineered with proven best practices, technologies, equipment and expertise. Our products are pure, tested, and proven.