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Because the quality and consistency of our product is too important to leave in anyone else's hands, we insist on doing it ourselves. That's why Dragonfly CBD products are pure, tested and proven.

About Dragonfly

Dragonfly is a research-fueled and community-minded CBD oil company that controls the process from seed to sale, guaranteeing the highest and most consistent product quality. We operate with total transparency, keeping our fields, processing facility, laboratories and products open to consumers.

Dragonfly offers a range of pure CBD lifestyle products in the United States. As demand grows for CBD health supplements, we will continue to strive to be the go-to producer and supplier of Cannabidiol for both businesses and consumers.

About GaXtracts

GaXtracts is a bioscience enterprise that brings together agricultural, pharmaceutical and biochemical products and services under one roof.

Quality control drives everything we do – it’s not an afterthought, or a box to check. From consumer products to consultative services, all GaXtracts offerings are grounded in science and engineered with proven best practices, technologies, equipment and expertise. Our products are pure, tested, and proven.